Random File Chooser

created by: Sean "mutant beaver" Klausen


The program might not work with Windows 10

What should I watch?

Having a hard disk stuffed with movies and TV series can sometimes become overwhelming and you might find it difficult to choose what you should watch.

Random File Chooser makes the choice for you

Make It Random or Ordered

From a folder you specify the program randomly chooses a file to playAre you following a series and want to remember what epsisode you where at, choose to play media in order and the program remembers for you

Random File Chooser remembers the played file and will not play the same file next time it chooses random

Easy To Use

Create profiles for easy breakdown of your media and add as many folders as you like. The program uses each folder in a profile to dertermine what file to play

Supports common video and music files with the possibility of adding more extensions

Make Changes

It is easy to edit profiles. Need to add or remove folders, simply press a button and go back to watching


  • Light and easy to use program
  • Play random files with just 1 click
  • Specify a unlimited number of directories
  • Supports all file extensions
  • Add your choice of extensions to be played
  • The program remembers the last played files and will not play them again right away

Download RFC v1.1 - exe

mediafire - 117 KB

Download RFC v1.1 - jar

mediafire - 66 KB